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WRESTLING - Petr vs Hugo

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Hugo Antonin and Petr Ugan are paired in a submission wrestling match. These two str8 guys start by doing some stretching, wearing just tunderwear.. Then it is on with the match. The floor has been oiled so they slide around as each tries to gain a decent hold. Hugo holds Petr on the mat and playfuflly spanks his ass. Petr manages to turnt he tables, and he spanks ass too. They slide around as each tries to gain a decent hold. Hugo is in playful mood and plays with his dick as he straddles Petr. Then he manages to pull off Petr's jock strap too. He grips Petr's head as he feels his own underwear being removed too. Both naked they continue to roll all over the floor with Hugo groping Petr's cock and balls in the process. Petr is able to geet free and spanks Hugo's ass and gropes him as well. Neither seems overly bothered about gaining a submission. But then Hugo gets a good neck hold and forces the first submission. Then they stand and oil each other all over. Then, coated heavily in oil, they resume the wrestling. They roll all over the floor, grabbing at each other until Petr manages to score a point. Bodies are entwined as they continue to roll all over the floor. Each scores again before Petr gets the winning hold. Then they settles down for a wank off. They wank each other a little too. Then Petr agrees to suck Hugo's cock as well. He does that for a while then they wank again with Hugo soon shooting his load on the floor, as Petr dumps his cream load as well. They milk themselves dry and clean each other's cock. Then they go off to the shower to wash off all the oil.

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Product number: 19030301

Running Time: 26:49

File size: 784 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD

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