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WRESTLING - Oto vs Erik

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Erik Janak and Oto Useda are both very sexy guys. They have great bodies too and are matched in submission wrestling. Wearing skimpy underwear they start with some warming up exercises. Then it is on with the match. The mats have been oiled so they slip and slide as each tries to gain a hold on the other. They grapple with each other as they roll on the mats, and soon have pulled off each other's underwear. A neck hold is good enough to score Oto the first point. Then they take time to oil each other all over before resuming the match. The bodies glisten as roll around trying to gain a hold. The asses spread too as they grapple. They each try so hard to get a good hold but it is Oto who prevails to gain the second point as well. In fact Oto seems to have hit on the way to gain the submissions and repeats the hold to move further into the lead. He runs out as the eventual winner, though Erik's efforts are rewarded in one round. Then the settle down for a wank off. They are told to wank each other, or at least for the loser to wank the winner, but Oto refuses to allow that. He wanks himself and soon dumps his hot cum onto the mats. Erik keeps wanking until he too delivers his cum. Then they go off to the shower to clean up.

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