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Wank Party #94, Part 1

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Part 2 of Wank Party #94 sees Tomas Berger sucking on Petr Uman's rock hard cock as Miro Dalek rims Vadim Covrescu's hot hole. Then Tomas straddles Petr and slides his ass down on that big cock. Vadim moves onto his knees to have his ass fucked deep, from behind, by Miro. Miro spanks the sexy ass as he fucks Vadim deep and hard. Tomas keeps his hairy hole working up and down on Petr's big cock. Petr thrusts his dick up into that eager hole, fucking it deep. Miro pounds away at Vadims' hole. Then Tomas moves onto his back to be fucked some more by Petr. Vadim turns over too, onto his back and gets more of Miro's hard fucking. Tomas wanks himself as Petr fucks him deep. Soon the chreamy cum is delivered from Tomas cock as he is fucked deep. Vadim wanks his cock too and shoots a nice creamy load as Miro keeps fucking him. Petr contines to fuck Tomas until he is ready to cum too and pulls out to deliver a big, creamy load. Vadim and Miro spoon, with Miro fucking hard, then he pulls out and dumps his thick cum onto Vadilm's leg as they are joined by the other two guys as the scene draws to a close.

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Product number: 18032801

Running Time: 17:15

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