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Wank Party #107, Part 2

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Wank Party #107 has a great cast, Igor Uganec, Libor Boucek, Ivanek Ukara and Igor Zobor. In part two we join them as Igor and Igor sucking Ivanek and Libor who are layin gon the bed next to each other. Then Igor U kisses Ivanek while Igor Z kisses Libor. Then they return to sucking on those hard cocks. Igor U then sits is ass down on Ivanek's rock hard cock. Igor Z does the same to Libor's dick, but facing the other way. Both guys ride up and down on those throbbing cocks, moaning as do so. Ivanek and Libor the fuck as hard as they can up into the eager asses. Igor Z grabs his own rock hard dick as Libor pounds hard into his hole. Igor U holds his ass still as Ivanek's big dick works deep into his ass and fucks hard. Kissing as they change position the guys fuck some more. With Igor U straddling Igor Z both holes are available for Libor and Ivanek to take turns in them. Those hard cocks slide easily in and out of whichever hole they want. Pulling out on one ass and sliding into the other Libor and Ivanek take turns fucking as hard as they can. The two Igor's take the cocks so well. Then it is all change again with Igor Z spooning with Ivanek's whose dick works his hole so well. Igor U lays on his back, legs in the air as Libor bangs hard into his ass. Igor Z wanks himself as Ivanek's dick opens his ass so well. With the hard thrusting into his ass Igor Z can't hold back and shoots his huge cum shot all over the bed and himself. Ivanek's dick keeps working that hole as Igor milks his cock dry. He pounds hard and fast into Igor's ass then he pulls out to shoot his creamy load onto Igor Z's balls and ass. Meanwhile Igor U is wanking himself too as LIbor pulls out of his ass and shoots his hot cum all over that sexy body. Igor U keeps wanking as Libor kneels over him milking himself dry. Igor U's wanking soon has him shooting his hot load too. Then the two sets of partners kisses again.

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