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Wank Party #106, Part 1

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We have a wonderful cast for Wank Party #106, with Martin Hovor, Nicolas Daner, Ivanek Ukara and Alan Hemar. In this first part we see Martin sneaking into the room, followed by Alan and Nicolas who are leading in a blindlfolded Ivanek. It is his birthday and Martin promises that they have a surprise for him. They push Ivanek onto the bed and all three guys clamour to kiss him, stripping him naked in the process. Ivanek's cock is already hardening as Alan grabs hold to wank and suck it. He lets Martin have a quick taste of that big, fat, cock too. Then Nicolas has a quick suck as well. All three take quick turns on the dick and they are all soon bare-chested as we.. Ivanek lays back enjoying the hot mouths on his cock as everyone sucks him, taking turns. Nicolas kisses Ivanek as the other two work on that cock and the balls. Then Martin takes off his jeans, helped by Nicolas who also gets naked. He is followed by Alan, so all four are naked and hard. Martin feeds his big cock into Ivanek's mouth for sucking as Nicolas and Alan kiss and work on Ivanek's dick. Ivanek''s hand finds some cock to wank too and Nicolas manages to suck him and Alan at the same time. Lots of suckng continues, with Alan sucking Nicolas and Ivanek in turn. Martin's cock continues to entertain Ivanek's mouth as Alan works hard on Nicolas cock before returning to suck Ivanek's. Nicolas has a quick suck on Alan's cock and then on Ivanek again. Ivanek's blindfold is removed and his legs are pushed over his head. That makes his hot ass available for rimming. Alan and Nicolas take turns licking at the hot hole as Martin sucks on Ivanek's cock again. The tongues lap at his inviting ass hole as his fat cock is sucked and wanked. Ivanek then drops his legs and his face is surrounded by throbbing cocks, which he eagerly laps at. He licks the shafts and sucks on cock heads as they are fed into his eager mouth. Three cocks are slapped on his handsome face. Then he make way for Nicolas to lay down and suck on three cocks too, taking turns on each as he reaches down and fingers his tight hole. Nicolas gets those cock deep in his mouth, in turn, sucking hard, setting things up well for much more in part 2.

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Product number: 19030601

Running Time: 15:14

File size: 445 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD

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