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SPANKING - Roman Baren

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Sexy, fit, Roman Baren is hooded and shackled and wearing just his skimpy underwear as his tormentor begins to feel all overthat sexy body, grabbing Roman's cock and balls in the jockstrap. The he slaps on that hot chest making Roman moan. Then the tormentor reaches into Roman's jockstrap and pulls out the balls. He pulls on the balls and then hits that chest some more. The hood is removed from Roman's head showing that he is gagged too. Roman's balls hang out of the jock strap and he then starts to feel the whip on his body. He jerks as he feels it, moaning loudly. His big, soft, cock is released and is then slapped hard. The foreskin is pulled back too as the cock is wanked and the balls are pulled. That cock is laid in one hand and slapped by the other. Roman is turned around, showing off his sexy ass which is spanked hard making his jerk. That heavy hand keeps landing on Roman's sexy ass. He keeps up his moans too as he feels the hand. He is moved to the traing bench, with is legs tied in the air. That exposes his hot ass which gets spanked some more. Oil is then dripped onto the ass and rubbed all over. His cock and balls are oiled up too, as his the tight ass hole. That hot hole is slapped hard as well and the ass cheeks are spanked by the heavy hands. More oil is applied and more spanking occurs on the ass and thighs. Then a big vibrator is shoved into Roman's hot ass, going in deep. It is fucked hard into the ass and then pulled out, repeatedly. His hole takes it well as the toy fucks him deep. His hole is spanked some more too. Then it is fucked as his cock is wanked as well. Then Roman is allowed to wank himself, which he does with a relish, getting his dick rock hard. His chest is slapped as he keeps up his hard wanking. Then he wanks even harder as his chest is slapped and his nipples tweaked. Roman makes his cum flies as he wanks to complete a very hot scene.

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Product number: 19010151

Running Time: 23:51

File size: 698 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD