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FOOT - Ivan Jedlik #4

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Our sexy Ivan Jedlik is due for a massage.  So he strips to his underwear and lays on the bed, face down.  Soon the masseur’s oiled hands are working on his shoulders and his neck.  Ivan looks so relaxed as the expert hands work on his back.  Ivan’s sexy ass is exposed when the masseur straddles him and pulls the underwear down. We get to enjoy that sexy ass as the cheeks are parted to expose the tight hole.  With the underwear removed Ivan is fully naked when his feet are oiled and massaged too.  Those sexy feet glisten as the oil coats them.  Then we get to watch as the hands rub that hot ass and as a finger slips into Ivan’s tight hole.  His tight hole takes the finger well and our sexy stud moves on to his knees to have his big cock wanked between his legs.  That cock hard dick is wanked hard as a finger fucks into Ivan’s hole.  He moans as he enjoys the feeling of finger and wanking.  Then a toy works his tight hole, fucking deep inside and staying put as the cock is wanked.  He grabs as his dick as it is wanked hard, but he can’t stop the cum from shooting out as his ass if fucked hard.   Then Ivan turns over and lays on his back to have his sexy chest massaged too.

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Running Time: 20:37

File size: 605 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD