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FOOT - Ivan Hagla #2

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We have a very handsome and well built hottie in Ivan Hagla.  Right from the outset of this candid video we are treated to a bevy of wonderful views. That starts with Ivan’s handsome face and we soon slide down his sexy body to a soft cock and heavy balls.  Having enjoyed those views we then get to see Ivan’s hot ass as he kneels on the sofa and spreads his cheeks to expose his tight hole, with his heavy balls dangling below.  That view also included a very nice look at the soles of his feet too.  That is just the start, and things just keep getting better and better.  That sexy ass looks so inviting as we close in.  Then our sexy stud sits on the floor, with his big, soft cock nestling on his balls.  He poses on the floor, laying down to lean on one elbow and do some lovely poses.  He takes direction well so when it is time for hard cock that looks great too.  That big, fat, cock gets so hard and he stands to show it off perfectly.  Then Ivan flexes his biceps to impress further, with that big cock still hard.  Still wanting more cock? Well that’s easy since he stays hard as he kneels on the floor.  Then it is more of that hot ass and Ivan spreads the cheeks as he lays on the floor with his legs in the air.  So the feet are shown too as that tight hole is stretched.  Ivan does lots of posing to show that sexy ass and the hot hole so well, including with his big cock trapped between his thighs.  Time to catch our breath a little as he relaxes on the sofa and then turns over to lay along it and show the shape of that sexy ass, with cock back between his legs.  More posing is next, with that massive dick poking out in front of him as the camera captures the wonderful view.  Then we really focus on his feet, with lots of shots from many different angles, to show the soles and the tops of the feet just as we like.  Then his hand wraps around that fat cock and wanks it hard and fast until it delivers his big, creamy load.  The hot cum is dumped from that big cock head onto the floor as Lukas’ face is a picture of ecstasy as he milks every last drop.

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Running Time: 16:06

File size: 478 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD

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