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WRESTLING - Karel vs Petr

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Karel Opec is paired against Petr Jarena in a submission wrestling match. They start with some stretching exercises and then begin the match. Petr's tight underwear is matched by Karel's jockstrap, and they look great as they slide over the oily mat as they try to gain a hold on each other. Petr quickly gains an advantage and force the first submission. Then the stand and oil each other all over. Petr squirts the oil all over Karel, rubbing him all over, including slipping a hand into the jockstrap to oil the cock. Then he turns Karel around to oil his back and ass. Karel then returns the favour, quickly coating Petr with oil. Petr's underwear becomes almost translucent as Karel oil hims, reaching into the tight shorts to oil his dick too. Then it is on with the match again. They slip and slide all over the place as each tries to gain a hold. Petr soon has Karel's jockstrap off and wins another round. As they continue Karel is able to remove Petr's underwear, so that both assess and cocks are on show. They continue to grapple and Petr prevails by using underhand ball grabbing to gain more points. He moves into an unassailable lead and claims victory. Then they settle down to wank off. Karel, as the loser, has to suck on Petr's dick. But Petr then returns the favour, very briefly. They wank hard and Petr wins the race to cum, dumping his load on the mats. After the wank off they clean each other's dick and then go off to the shower to clean up.

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Product number: 18110401

Running Time: 25:33

File size: 747 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD

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