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WRESTLING - Ivan vs Klark

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Two very hot guys Klark Junak and Ivan Jedlik are paired in a wrestling match. The warm up with some stretching exercises first. Then they start the match, with Klark quickly lifting Ivan and dumping him on the oily mat. Their bodies become entwined as each tries to gain a good hold on the other. As they each try so hard it is Klark who gains the first submission. When the second round begins they seem intent of pulling of the other's underwear. Succeeding in that they wrestle naked, flashing cocks, balls and asses for all to see. As they wrestle to gain the submission those sexy asses get spanked too. With Ivan managing to gain a point they take a break to oil each other all over. Then it is back to wrestling, with those slippery bodies making it more difficult. Ivan gains another points, by elicit means as he grabs Klark's cocka and balls. Klark is a quick learner though and does the same to Ivan to level the score. As the continue to roll around grabbing at each other Klark manages a decent neck hold to get the final point, and victory. Then they settle down for a wank off. With cocks hard they wank each other a little too. Ivan is then told that he must suck the winner's cock, which he does very well. His reward is to feel Klark's hot mouth on his dick too. Then it is back to wanking with Ivan being the first to cum as he shoots his hot cream onto the mats. Klark continues wanking hard until he gives up his cum too. Then they clean each other off and go to the shower to wash off all the sweat and oil.

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