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SOFT DUO - Adam and Dusan

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Dusan Polanek is set to massage newcomer Adam Kader. He brings Adam, who is wearing a robe, into the room and has him remove it and lay on the table. Placing a towel on Adam's sexy ass Dusan takes some oil and begins to massage the sexy back and the shoulders. his hands work well, gliding over the back and shoulders and onto the arms too. He adjusts the towel slightly, showing the tops of Adam's ass crack as he massages . That ass looks nice and hairy as Dusan's hands run down to the crack. Then Dusan takes more oil and gets to work on Adam's very hairy legs. Hw massages the calf muscles and then the feet.Then Adam turns over and we see that his cock is rock hard before the towel covers it up. Dusan keeps taking more oil and massages Adam's hot chest and then his arms. As he works Dusan gradually moves the towel, revealing Adam's beautiful cock . The hands run over Adam's balls as they work on his thighs. Then Dusan takes hold of the hard cock and is soon bent over to suck on it. His hot mouth encloses the cock as he sucks and wanks it. Adam reaches for Dusan, rubbing his jeans as he enjoys his cock being sucked. Dusan pulls over his tee shirts and continues to suck Adam's dick. He then opens his jeans and releases his own hard cock which Adam takes hold of Adam wanks on Dusan's cock as he feels the hot mouth working on his. Then Dusan climbs over him into a 69 position and Adam is able to suck some cock too. He wanks and sucks Dusan's thick cock as he enjoy the hot mouth on his own throbbing dick. Then Dusan stands again, raising Adam's legs to expose his hot, hairy, hole. Dusan's fingers rub over the hole, parting the cheeks. The hole opens up as the cheeks are spread. Dusan probes the hole with a finger as he wanks on Adam's cock. His finger goes in deep and fucks the hot hole. Then it is replaced by his thumb. Next it is both finger and thumb that stretches the hole nice and wide. Dusan then takes a dildo and shoves that it Adam's hot hole. He wanks the cock as he fucks Adam's hole with the dildo. Then he sucks the cock some more, keeping the toy in the tight ass. He fucks the hole hard and fast with the dildo as he wanks on Adam's cock. Then Adam wanks himself with the toy deep in his ass. He soon delivers his creamy cum as his tight hole feels the dildo all the way inside. Then Dusan wanks himself and dumps his over Adam's hot body as a great finale to a very good scene.

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Product number: 17061801

Running Time: 27:53

File size: 816 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD

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