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SOLO - Petr Rygl

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Petr Rygl is aged 24 and lives in Odry. He is a goldsmith who enjoys his job and also ice-hockey and boxing. In this wonderful dreamset, suggested by Gary, he delivers a very hot video indeed. At first he sits, for his interview which is conducted in english. Then this studly str8 guy stands and soon bares his chest as his reflection is also shown in the mirror. As he stands he gropes himself and opens his jeans to reach inside. His hand finds his boxers and Petr gropes his cock and balls through the thin material. His cock begins to swell from all the groping and he soon pulls it out the leg of his boxers. That cock is big and fat and looks great as the foreksin is pulled back and forth along the shaft and over the cock head. Petr looks so good as he stands and wanks that thick cock. with one hand whilst feeling is sexy chest with the other. His heavy balls look good too as Petr keeps wanking on his throbbing cock . Then he slides his boxers down and takes them off so that he is fully naked. He stands against the mirror to let his cock rub against the side as we enjoy his reflection . Closing in on his fat cock we see that it is oozing precum as it rubs against the mirror. A big string of precum drips to the floor as his hip move back and forth. Moving to face the mirror Petr then lets his dick rub against it as his ass is shown off nicely. He takes hold of his fat cock and rubs the sticky head over the surface of hte mirror, coating it with precum. Reaching back he takes hold of his ass cheeks and pulls them apart. That gives a great view of his hairy hole as the hand pull on the cheeks. The heavy balls hang below as Petr's sexy and inviting hole is exposed. Leaning forward he licks the mirror as if kissing his own reflection. Then he moves to the chair and sits, leaning back, to wank that fat cock. He lifts his legs and reaches for his ass cheeks pulling them wide apart. That exposes the tight hole as Petr's dick stands to attention above it. It is an awesome sight, the huge, fat, cock, heavy balls and tight, hot , hole all together. Dropping his legs Petr returns to wanking that fat dick. As he get close to cumming he stands and wanks harder as he shows his reflection in the mirror as well. Soon that fat cock releases a stream of thick, creamy, cum. Some of the cum coats the mirror as he milks his dick dry at the end of a wonderful video.

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Product number: 18090601

Running Time: 22:05

File size: 646 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD

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