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MASSAGE - Pavel Sora

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Pavel Sora is a very sexy str8 guy who is in for a massage. He strips down to his underwear, showing off a very good body in the process. Then he lays, face down, on the bed to await the masseur. That gives a teasing view of the top of his ass where the cheeks part showing a nice gap. The masseur arrives and gets to work, using oil. His hands glide all over Pavel's back, feeling the hot muscles. Then the hands work on Pavel's neck and shoulders. Each arm is bent up the back so that the shoulder blade can be worked on, as well as the arms. Then the back is massaged, with the hands sliding under the waistband of Pavel's underwear to feel the ass too. Both hands go into the underwear pushing it down to reveal the sexy ass. The ass is rubbed all over and the hands work up and down the back too. Then the underwear is removed completely and Pavel's legs are pulled together as the masseur moves down to the feet. More oil is used to massage the feet all over. Then Pavel's legs are parted and his cock and balls re-arranged between his thighs. More oil is applied to that sexy ass and the hands massage it in, spreading the ass cheeks at the same time. The hands reach down to rub the cock and balls too. Pulling the cheeks apart shows off Pavel's tight hole. Then oil is dripped between the thighs onto his cock and balls. The hands rub the oil into the cock and over the balls. Pavel moves onto his knees which spreads his ass cheeks nicely. The hands reach for Pavel's balls, lifitng them so his cock can be wanked. The cock grows well in the masseurs hand as it is stoked down between Pavel's thighs. Fingers rub over that sexy ass hole as the cock is wanked. Then the hand pull the ass cheeks further apart and a finger rubs over the tight hole. Oil is dripped onto that hole and Pavel's hard cock is pulled back between his legs and wanked some more. Then the finger rubs over the hole again and slips inside a little way. The cock is pulled back to be wanked some more. Then, with more oil applied the finger goes deep er into that hot hole. It fucks gently in and out of the hole. Then Pavel turns over, onto his back to have his chest rubbed all over. The hands then take hold of his cock again and wanks it. More oil is used on the cock and balls as that dick is wanked. The balls are cupped too as the big dick is wanked hard. It isn't long before Pavel's cock releases the hot cum onto his sexy body. The dick is milked dry before he is left to relax after a very good massage.

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Product number: 19012001

Running Time: 30:32

File size: 895 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD

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