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CHERRY BUSTING - Roman and Libor

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Libor Boucek is on the bed with Roman Baren, kissing him. As they kiss Libor's tee shirt is removed. Then Roman's is pulled off too and he leans forward to kiss Libor's chest. Libor lays on Roman as they kiss and continue to strip off. Roman is first to be fully naked ad Libor goes down on his stiffening cock. He licks the shaft and kisses Roman again. Then Libor lays on the bed as Roman helps him off with his pants and then his tenting underwear. Roman sucks on Libor's rock hard dick taking it deep into his mouth. He moves up to kiss Libor again as their cocks rub together. Then Roman goes back to the cock and sucks it some more. Libor's cock is rock hard as Roman's mouth works on it. He straddles Libor and slides his cock into the waiting mouth. Libor grabs Roman's cock as it pushes into his mouth. He sucks on the cock head as Roman's hips thrust to fuck the mouth. Then Roman moves the side and sucks on Libor's dick again. Libor is keen to suck some more too and they move to 69, each wanking and sucking the other. Roman sucks hard as he rubs Libor's ass. Then he moves onto his knees, presenting his sexy ass for Libor to briefly rim and then slide his cock deep inside. Libor's rock hard cock slams deep into Roman's eager hole. Roman takes the cock so well, his ass cheeks rippling as Libor's hips slap against them with his cock deep inside that ass. Libor's cock works hard into the ass opening it up well. That fat cock fucks with long strokes going all the way into Roman's ass. The fucking gets faster as Libor's thrusts his hips as hard as he can. Then Roman turns over, onto his back, to be fucked some more. He wanks himself as Libor continues to pound his hot hole. Roman's wanking makes his cock expel huge gobs of creamy cum, shooting it onto his hot body. Then Libor pulls out and shoots his spurting cum all over Libor as well.

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Product number: 19033001

Running Time: 18:00

File size: 526 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD

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