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SPANKING - Alan Hemar

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Alan Hemar is blindolfed and shackled as he lays on his belly on the bed. Wearing a jock strap he feels a crop caress his body as his tormentor starts to work. The tormentor straddles Alan's sexy ass and slaps on his back. Then he moves to the side and spanks his ass cheeks.The hands spank the ass and spread teh cheeks too. Pulling the cheeks wide apart shows off Alan's hot hole. Then he feels the crop hitting on his ass. He moans as he feels the heavy hand on his ass. A finger rubs over his tight hole too. Then a whip is used on the ass and Alan continues to moan. More heavy handed spanking folllow and the straps of the jockstrap are pulled up into Alan's ass crack and wrapped around his hands. The crop hits on his ass and then the jockstrap is removed. The hands reach down and adjust Alan's cock and balls between his legs. Alan moans loudly as the hands spank on his ass. Then oil is dripped onto his tight hole. The oil is rubbed over the hole and then a finger is inserted deep into that hot ass. It fucks the ass and is removed and more spanking happens. Then the finger pushes back into the hole and fucks deep. As the finger fucks his hole that ass is spanked some more. Then Alan is turned over, onto his back. The blindfold is removed too and the hands run over Alan's sexy body, rubbing oil into his chest. The chest is slapped and the nipples are flicked. Then attention turns to Alan's cock and balls. His cock is wanked and the balls are rubbed. Alan's cock responds to being wanked, getting larger. Then his legs are pulled into the air, exposing that ass again. It is spanked as the ankles are held above by shackleds. A vibrator is then pushed into that tight hole. It fucks the hole deep,stretching it well. The vibrator is pulled out and shoved back in, with Alan moaning as he takes it. Then the toy is discarded and that sexy ass is spanked again. A thumb is pushed into the hole, going it all the way very easily. When it comes out that ass gets more spanks and Alan moans again. Moved onto his shoulders with his ass in the air that hole looks so inviting as it seems to open up to take a finger. When the cheeks are spread the hole opens up and is ready for the toy once more. That fucks him deep and leaves his hole open when it is removed. The thumb goes in again and then is replaced by two fingers, right up tot he knuckles. They pull out and Alan's ass is spanked again. Then both thumbs are pushed into the ass and start to fuck, then they pull out and open up the hole. That hole gets spanked too . Then Alan is allowed to lay back and wank his cock. Enjoying the feeling in his hard cock Alan runs a hand all over his hot chest as he wanks hard. The wanking results in a lovely cum shot, dumped onto his belly and clinging to his hand as he milks his cock dry.

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Product number: 18100951

Running Time: 25:05

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