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Wank Party #97, Part 1

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Wank Party #97 features a great cast, Kristof Trnka, Karel Opec, Karel Omanak and Bozek Kolek. In this first part Karel Om is busy packing a suitcase when his phone rings. He quickly answers it, to say he doesn't have time to chat and returns to packing. His friends come in and disrupt his packing, finding his rather large dildo in the process. As Karel tries to take the dildo from them he is pulled onto the bed and the guys all start kissing. They start to strip off as they kiss and feel each other. Bozek it first to be naked, releasing his big, hard, cock. Then the others all takes off their jeans too. Kristof and Bozek wank each other as they kiss and the two Karels doing the same. Then they swap parners with Karel Om wanking and then sucking on Bozek's dick. Karel Op lays back for Kristof to suck his throbbing cock too, with Bozek sucking him at the same time. Then Kristof and Karel Op swap places, with Karel Op sucking him. Bozek sucks him and Karel Om continues working on Bozek;s dick. Then is it all change again. Bozek and Karel Op suck each other and Krisrof sucks the kneeling Karel Om. The sucking conintues with Karel Op kneeling as Bozek works on his rampant cock. Kristof continues sucking Karel Op, his head bobbing up and down on the rock hard cock. Then Karel Om stands and kisses the other Karel. Bozek and Kristof take turns at sucking on Karel Op's big cock. He, meanwhile sucks on Karel Om. Then Karel Om kneels and presents his ass for Karel Op to rim as Kristof lays on his back, legs up, for his ass s to feel Bozek's hot tongue.

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Product number: 18061301

Running Time: 17:15

File size: 504 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD