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Alan Pekny and Miro Dalek

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Alan Pekny and Miro Dalek are two very hot str8 guys. They have just been showering and come down stair, wearing only their towels, looking for their friends. Since they don't find them they decide they can have some fun while they are alone. So they start off by kissing each other. Miro's towel is bulging at the front as Alan kisses his chest. The towels drop to the floor and the guys begins to wank each other. Miro's big cock is hard in Alan's hand as they kiss some more. His cock is hardening too as Miro wanks on it. Then Alan turns around, back to Miro. Miro drops to his knees and begins kissing and then lapping at Alan's hot ass. Alan pulls the cheeks apart for the tongue to lap at his hot hole. He lays on the table with his legs in the air, giving better access to that tight ass hole. Miro rims the hole and rubs his finger over it. Then the finger slips inside that tight hole to fuck it a little. That is then replaced by a vibrator which Miro slides deep into Alan's hole. The vibroator stretches Alan's ass wide and goes in deep. Alan then turns over, still presenting that ass and Miro's dick slides deep inside. He starts to fuck Alan's ass hard, going in as deep as he can. As he pounds that ass Miro's balls swing back and forth. Alan takes the cock so well as Miro keeps up his hard fucking. Then they move to spoon position and Miro's massive cock slides back into the tight ass. Alan grabs his own cock and wanks as he takes Miro's pole in his hole. His wanking speeds up as Miro bangs his cock hard into that sexy ass. As he wanks Alan squeezes some cum out of his cock and Miro keeps up his hard fucking. He is ready to cum too and pulls out to shoots his load over Alan's balls. He milks his sticky cock to release all the cum as they kiss again.

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Product number: 17112501

Running Time: 18:44

File size: 549 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD

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