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WRESTLING - Karel vs Tomas

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Karel Omanak and Tomas Berger, two very sexy straight guys are paired in a submission wrestling match. Dressed in only their underwear they do some warming up stretches and then take a drink before starting the match. Then the begin, and are soon rolling on the mats as they grapple . In this first round it seems that they are intent on pulling off each other's underwear and Tomas who manages to completly lower Karel's shorts gains the first submission. They both get fully naked before starting round two. We then see the hot asses and cocks as they roll around, grappling and trying to get a decent hold. Tomas is soon resorting to grabbing dick as well and Karel responds in kind which gains him a submission too. As the match continues it seems that they are having a lot of fun, spanking on ass, spreading cheeks and grabbing dicks. The scores are quite evenly matched as they progress and we get to see lots of cock and ass as Tomas begins to build a good lead. He often enjoys getting Karel's ass in the air with the hole exposed as he spanks. Then they take a break from wrestling to oil each other all over. They begin wrestling again, with the slick, oily, bodies and Tomas continues on his winning ways despite Karel's best efforts. Victory goes to Tomas and then they settle down on the mats to wank off. As they get their dicks hard they are told to wank each other, which they do for a short while, smiling as they do it. Karel then has , as the loser, to suck on Tomas' cock. But the loser gets a prize too as Tomas is told to suck him as well. Tomas takes the rock hard dick in his mouth and sucks on it for a while before they go back to wanking. Karel soon has his big cock shooting hot cum onto the wrestling mats. Tomas keeps up his wanking as Karel milks himself dry. The Tomas cums all over the mats too. They clean each other's cocks and then go off to the shower to wash up.

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Product number: 18031101

Running Time: 26:10

File size: 766 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD

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