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SPANKING - Martin Tesar

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Martin Tesar is a very sexy str8 guy. He is gagged and shackled and wearing just his tight budgie smugglers. He keeps wriggling his shackled wrists, trying to release them. Then he is joined by his tormentor who is hooded. Martin's nipples are pulled and his chest is slapped. He moans as he feels the heavy hands landing on his hot body. He feels the sting of a riding crop on his chest and then the hands slap at Martin's dick in his underwear. Clothes pins are attached to his nipples too and the hands keeps slapping the body. More clothes pins are attached too. Martn's underwear is groped and then lowered so his pubic hair can be pulled. He is then turned and we see his ass poking out of the underwear. That sexy ass is spanked by the heavy hands, with Martin moaning as he feels it. The underwear is pulled down so that ass is fully bare. The hairy cheeks feel the heavy hands as they spank. The he feels the sting of the riding crop again. Turning once more we see that hot chest and the clothes pins are removed, with more spanking on the torso. The clothes pins are then attached to cock and balls. Lowered so that he is laying on his back, legs in the air and shackled Martin looks great. His hot ass is available and gets the crop and the hands again. Then his tight hole feels a finger being shoved deep inside. Martin moans as the finger fucks his tight hole. Then it is removed and he is spanked some more. Eventually he is released from the shackles and kneels on the floor to wank his big cock.

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Product number: 17121951

Running Time: 22:23

File size: 659 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD

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