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SPANKING - Klark Junak

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Klark Junak's wrists are shackled to his ankles as he lays, naked, on the floor. That shows off his hairy ass. He is also gagged and his tormentor runs a whip over the hairy ass and the balls. A hand rubs over Klark's ass and spreads the cheeks. The hand spanks that sexy ass too, reddening the cheeks. The cheeks are spread to open the tight hole up for inspection. The ass gets nice and red as the hands spank it some more. Then the whip is used on Klark's ass and he jerks each time it lands. With his feet in the air they are spanked too. His hole opens when the cheeks are spread, so some oil is dripped onto it and a toy is rubbed up and down the crack. More spanking on that ass is a prelude to the toy being pushed into Klark's hole. It goes in deep and starts to fuck in and out. The toy is discarded and his cock and balls are grabbed. The hairy ass hole then feels a finger pushing inside to fuck a little. Then Klark's ass feels more of the heavy hands spanking on it. A thumb pushes deep into his hole as well. Two handed spanking makes that ass feel so hot. Then two fingers stretch the hole as they push deep inside. As they come out and the hands spread the cheeks the hole opens again and the hairs stick to the oiled cheeks. That ass looks so good as it is spanked hard, with the hole on show the whole time. Moved to the sofa,with the gag removed our handsome subject feels his cock and balls being pulled, but that ass is till the main focus. The thumb fucks it deep again and the hands spank it. Klark's thighs are spanked too and his cock is wanked a little as well. Klark moans as the hands keep spanking his ass and thighs. A final flourish of hard spanking elicits even louder moaning. Then Klark's legs are lowered and he is allowed to wank himself as the hands hit his chest. He moans as he keeps wanking his hard cock until he shoots his creamy cum.

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Product number: 18102351

Running Time: 24:14

File size: 709 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD

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