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SPANKING - Ivan Jedlik

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Ivan Jedlik is a really cute guy and he looks so hot as he lays on his belly, on the table, in a jockstrap with his hands tied behind his back and with a ball gag in his mouth. He feels the hands of his tormenton on his body. Then he feels the whip too. The hands run over Ivan's body and spanks the sexy ass. His cheeks are squeezed and parted too. Ivan moans as he feels his cheeks being spanked and squeezed. The cheeks are spread to show off his tight hole too and oil is dripped into the crack. A finger rubs over that hole and then slips inside. The finger fucks that ass hole as the other hand spanks the cheeks. Then a vibrator is pushed into that hot hole to fuck as the spanking continues. The heavy hand lands hard on those ass cheeks as the toy is fucked deep inside that ass. Then the toy is removed and Ivan's hot ass feels the whip too. The ass cheeks are red as the hands continue to land on them. A finger is shoved back into the tight hole as well. Then the vibrator goes back in, with Igor moaning as he feels everything that is happening. The hand spanks rapidly on that sore ass. The spanking is hard and unrelenting. Then Ivan's ankles are untied and his legs spread so that his cock and balls can be checked too. He is turned over onto his back. Oil is dripped onto his cock and rubbed all over and on the balls too. That cock is wanked, growing in the hands. Then his legs are tied to his wrists, in the air, exposing his ass again. That hole looks inviting and Ivan's dick is rock hard. He is wanked as the toy is shoved back into that hot hole. It fucks hard in his ass as the big cock is wanked so fast. Ivan moans and his head bucks as he feels his hole being banged and his cock wanked. That ass gets more fingers too and more spanking before the toy goes back inside to fuck hard. The big dick is wanked at the same tiem. Then Ivan is turned over onto his knees for the cock to be wanked between his legs as the hole gets more hard action. That big dick is wanked so hard and fast as fingers invade the ass. Then with the wanking getting even harder Ivan releases a huge cumshot, that keeps on giving. His dick is milked dry and that hot ass gets more heavy handed spanking.

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Product number: 18110651

Running Time: 23:38

File size: 691 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD

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