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Paul Belonek and Jirka Mendez

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Jirka Mendez is in the park with Paul Belonek watching him try his skills with the skateboard. Then he shows off some of his gymnastics skills too. Paul tries to show Jirka how to do some stuff on the skateboard, but they soon give up on that. With the heat of the day they go inside to watch some videos, but Paul has other ideas and embraces Jirka, who quickly responds. As they kiss they remove their tee-shirts and Paul opens Jirka's pants. Jirka's cock is rock hard and Paul, whose own stiff dick is poking out, starts to suck on it. Jirka quickly loses his pants and Paul is straight back on the cock, sucking it hard. He loves that big cock and wanks it as he kisses Jirka some more. Then it is back to sucking it deep into his mouth. Then Jirka pulls Paul's shorts off and starts wanking on his big, fat cock. He takes it into his mouth and bobs up and down on that massive pole as Paul wanks him. Both of them are so big and hard and Paul is soon back to sucking on Jirka's meat. Jirka fucks his throbbing cock in and out of Paul's eager mouth. Paul rubs Jirka's tight balls as he sucks. His own cock stays so hard, with his massive balls hanging below. As he sucks on that cock Paul's fingers rub against Jirka's tight hole. He licks and sucks at the balls too. He just cant get enough of that dick and keeps up with his sucking. Then Jirka pulls his legs in the air, and Pauls tongue gets to work on his hot hole. He laps at that hot ass hole as Jirka wanks himself. Paul keeps rimming the hole, and then sucking that cock some more. But what he really wants is to feel it in his ass. He sits his ass down on Jirka's stiff cock and starts to ride. Then Jirka takes over, fucking his hard meat deep into Paul's hot ass. Paul's hand is wrapped around his own cock as his ass gets a good pounding. He then moves, to lay down, so that Jirka gets between his legs and rams his ass even harder. Paul wanks his own cock as his hole takes that throbbing cock as deep as it can go. With all that wanks Paul soon shoots a big, creamy load over his leg, as Jirka continues to pound his hole. That throbbing cock slams in and out of Paul's ass, going so deep and fast. Paul keeps wanking his own cock as Jirka pounds his ass. Then he turns over, so that Jirka can climb on and fuck him some more. That ass gets stretched so well by Jirka's beautiful cock, as it works in and out of the hole. His fucking speeds up, hips thrusting harder and harder, then he pulls out and dumps his hot cum into Paul's waiting mouth. Paul sucks on the cock to extract every last drop of cum from it. He swallows that cum and then sucks on the stiff cock some more to make sure there is no more juice. Standing up Paul then kisses his fuck buddy again to end a beautiful scene.

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Product number: 14122701

Running Time: 25:53

File size: 759 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD

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