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CFNM - Gabriel Lonar

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Gabriel Lonar is a very sexy guy. He is relaxing on the sofa with his laptop, making some music. His girlfriend arrives and interrupts. She is soon massaging Gabriel's chest as he lays on the sofa. Straddling him the girl rubs the hot chest and Gabriel's groin too. She soon takes things further, blindfolding him and tying his wrists as she strips Gabriel naked. His cock responds to being wanked and gets very hard indeed. OIl is applied to the rock hard cock. Then a vibrating massager is rubbed over it too, keeping it rock hard. Gabriel's hips thrust as he feels the vibrations on his cock and balls. Then Gabriel is moved, with his legs tied in the air to expose his sexy ass hole as well as his cock and balls. That big cock is wanked as a toy is pushed deep into his tight ass. The hot hole is fucked deep by the toy as his big cock is wanked too. The cock is wanked hard as the dildo works deep in Gabriels ass hole. A larger dildo is then worked into teh hot hole, stretching it wide and fucking it deep. Gabriels dick stays hard as the girl fucks his hole with her dildo. Gabriel wanks himself as teh dildo works his hot hole. Then he sits on the sofa and continues wanking until he dumps his hot cum, shooting a huge load onto his left thigh.

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Product number: 19020151

Running Time: 37:05

File size: 1010 MB

File type: .MP4

Quality: FULL HD